'Eco Brolly': has become a popular design and was featured all over the internet from around the world, and has been exhibited in London Design Festival, at DesignerBlock 2008 as part of KithKin Present.

2012 - Fastcompany - An Umbrella That Makes Recycling A Part Of Keeping Dry
July 12 - Treehugger.com (Discovery Channel) blog post: Clever Design Uses Newspaper to Make a Real Umbrella
March 12 - Alert me - Leading UK Supplier for energy saving - Weird & wonderful eco products
May 11 - Panasonic - EcoNetworks Co. Japan eco-ideas.net, Facebook Link
Sept 10 - Vitra Design Musuem - 'Hidden Hero Genius of Everyday Things' Exhibition website, Umbrella
Sept 10 - French Magazine - Nouveau Consommateur
June 10 - Russian Magazine -Expert
July 09 - South Africa National Newspaper - The Sunday Independent
Feb 09 - Thailand design magazine - Art4d
Aug 08 - Wired Magazine - Blog post
Sept 08 - Italy national newspaper -La Repubblica
July 08 - Four23 - Design Consultancy - four23

Websites it was featured in includes
inhabitat Ubergizmo YankoDesign More Hip Than Hippie- Podcast Core77 Naver.co.kr Crookedbrain crunchgear curiosite igreenspot mocoloco inventorspot keetsa marks technology OhGizmo PSFK SlipperyBrick KithKin Presents Designerblock 2008 yahoo.co.kr nytimes.com myspace tech.....

and many more..Thanks to all those who took an interest in Eco brolly!

'Mood Light': Has also gain some press from: domokyo Kayne University RainbowArt Crib Candy Trendhunter NotCot Blogger - Dr.Deb & designzen

'See-through time': Has been featured in the 3rd Fiyta Cup Watch Design Contest Catalogue in 2007 and was on the national news.