Shiu Yuk Yuen is a London based Product designer and a Professional Retoucher, graduated with a BA (Hons) Product Design degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2008. Her interest are solving problems with everyday life through product design. Shiu have been a serious retoucher for over 3 years, having worked for many clients, she can easily adapt to many different styles and produce work of a high standard and finish from a wide range of images from beauty, products and fashion. If you would like to know more about her work and what she have been up to recently, feel free to contact her.

Awards and Achievements
2008 - Eco Brolly exhibited at 'DesignerBlock' as part of the KithKin Presents in London Design Festival.
2007 - 3rd Fiyta Cup Watch Competition 2007, Global Competition - 3rd Prize - Nomination for Gold and Silver Award'.
2007 - Shortlisted to enter G24I Solar Power Competition (window widgets)

2012 - Fastcompany - Blog post: An Umbrella That Makes Recycling A Part Of Keeping Dry, Eco Brolly
2012 - Blog post: Clever Use of Umbrellas, Eco Brolly
2012/March - Alert Me - UK Leading environmental service company, article, (Eco Brolly)
2011/May - Panasonic - '' article, (Eco Brolly)
2010/Sept - Vitra Design Musuem - 'Hidden Heroes' - The Genius of Everyday Things' website, Umbrella (Eco Brolly)
2010/Sept - French Magazine - 'Nouveau Consommateur' (Eco Brolly)
2010/June - Russian Magazine - 'Expert' (Eco Brolly)
2009/Feb - Thailand design magazine - 'art4d'(Eco Brolly)
2009/July - South Africa National Newspaper - The Sunday Independent (Eco Brolly)
2008/Sept - Italy National Newspaper - La Repubblica (Eco Brolly)
2008/August - Wired Magazine- Blog post (Eco Brolly) .

Product Design - Interaction Design - Packaging - Photo Retoucher - Web Design

Computer Skills
Dreamweaver + Advanced Photoshop CS5 + Shortcuts + Wacom Tools + Microsoft Offices + Rhinoceros + HTML codes

Technical Skills
Idea Conceptualization & Brainstorming, Concept Development, Trend Analysis, Sketching/Drawing, Model Making.

English, Chinese (Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin)

(Full CV available upon request)